Why you aren’t losing weight


Struggling with pounds and inches you can’t get rid of? I’ve helped clients lose both, and gain tons of energy. Here’s what most people don’t understand.

You’re fighting the wrong enemy
Food is not your enemy. Food is your friend. Food gives you energy. Food will empower you to right size yourself. Most people need to eat more, not less food in order to lose weight.

You’re eating the wrong food
Ingesting processed foods, white flour, white rice, processed sugar, additives, soda, alcohol and caffeine stacks the deck against you and makes it nearly impossible to lose weight and stay healthy. Eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains and other whole foods. If you eat meat, steer toward fresh cuts of meat and fish, rather than processed meats.

You’re not working out correctly
Too much cardio or attempting to work out without proper nutrition at the right time actually makes it harder to lose weight, not easier. Improper approaches to working out actually make it harder to build muscle and lose fat.

You’re failing to fuel your body
Cutting calories and skipping meals interferes with your brain chemistry and actually causes you to increase your production of fat storing enzymes. Malnutrition does not make you healthy. Instead it contributes to depression and all sorts of impaired functioning.

You aren’t drinking enough
I’m not talking about alcohol, but I am talking about water. Water cleanses and detoxifies your system. It also helps your bloodstream carry nutrients to your cells. You need water. How much do you weigh? Daily drink an ounce of pure water for each pound of weight.

You’re not getting the rest you need
Inadequate sleep taxes your system and contributes to over consumption of carbohydrates.

You may be over-stressed and/or depressed
Attitude is everything with weight loss. Stress, lack of purpose, depression fights against you when you’re trying to achieve better health.

You aren’t detoxifying
Most Americans are overloaded with toxins as a result of the poor diet we receive from processed foods. This makes detoxifying very difficult. Toxins are stored in fat; so you’re body will not allow you to burn fat because it would overload your detoxification system.

Your hormones are imbalanced
If they are, you won’t lose weight until you deal with those issues.

You may be experiencing thyroid or adrenal issues
Thyroid disfunction and adrenal fatigue create barriers to weight loss. These issue must be resolved before you can lose weight.

You need to be in the right frame of mind
You need a positive attitude which is fueled by time to yourself to be quiet and recharge. Losing weight is more than just shedding a few (or many) unwanted pounds. It’s creating a healthy lifestyle which requires a complete change of your frame of mind, so that making healthy choices is who you are.

As a personal trainer here in Madison, I have helped clients lose weight and get in shape by showing you how to make healthy choices that make you look better and feel better. Imagine waking up with loads of energy, looking in the mirror and liking what you see. It is possible. You just need to take the first step. Give me a call at 608-338-8884.

Luis Orozco