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Se habla español! Mi número de teléfono 608-338-8884.

Luis_frontpageAre You’re Looking to Gain More Muscle Tone,
Lose Stubborn Body Fat, or Even Increase Your Overall
Mass, BUT You Struggle to Get to that Next Level?

Body Shaping By Luis
As one of the nation’s top bodybuilders and a certified fitness trainer for the past decade, Luis shows you how to get into the best shape of your life, quickly and safely … without crazy diets or killing yourself in the gym. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Luis is your personal trainer to help you reach your goals regardless of your level of fitness. Luis will come to your home or provide personal training services at a Madison area gym.

Luis is
Mr. Southeast, 1st place Heavyweight, 2002
Mr. Florida, 4th place, 2001
#12 Bodybuilding Nationals, 2003

No matter your goal…

  • Build Confidence
  • Eliminate Stubborn Fat
  • Increase Muscle Definition
  • Train for an Athletic Event
  • Get Back into Shape
  • Boost Endurance & Flexibility
  • Build Muscle Mass

Luis will help you figure out what physical or mental obstacle is in your way, unlocking your full fitness & strength potential & transforming the way in which you look and feel.

Look and feel your best by starting your fitness program today. I’ll show you what to eat and how to work out so you have a super abundance of energy, never feel hungry, lose any unwanted pounds, and look your very best.

Come ready to work hard and have fun, so you can see the dramatic improvement you want!

Call today – (608) 338-8884

Therapeutic stretching for flexibility, healing and relaxation

For men and women of all ages whether athletic, mobility challenged, or in between.

Therapeutic stretching is optimal for your whole body.
Reduce back pain
Reduce risk of injury to joints and muscles
Relieve sore muscles
Improve flexibility
Mental/physical relaxation
Improve body awareness

As a licensed personal trainer with seventeen years of experience and a former title-holding bodybuilder, I work with men and women and understand how to work with your body mechanics to get you from where you are to where you want to be. In addition to providing therapeutic stretching services, I will also teach you how to safely stretch without injuring yourself. I’ll show you how to incorporate stretching into your fitness routine, and how to start a fitness routine that’s right for you if you don’t currently have one.

I will travel to your location in the greater Madison area
or I will provide services at our east side gym (53716). Hours by appointment.

“I’m amazed by Luis’s versatility. My wife and I train together, and she is working around injuries and joint pain. Luis always knows exactly what she needs; how to get her into shape without aggravating an injury.” – Dwight

“Luis is a treasure chest of knowledge based on his years of experience as a bodybuilder and in training others” – Pat

“I hate gyms. I hate exercise. But I love working with Luis. For the first time in my life, I’m getting in shape. I feel great, and I consider Luis more than a trainer. He’s a friend.”


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